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Almost all serving trays are made from steel as they need to be able to support and carry heavy food plates and beverages. Steel has the ability to stand up to rough and continuous handling, making it an ideal medium for making serving trays. It is also resistant to scratches and rusting.

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twitter.comAside from their sturdiness, smart-looking steel serving trays are an ideal showcase for your glasses and liquor bottles. They go extremely well with any bottle or mixed drink shakers or martini glasses.

They can be used to include your portable bar sets with ease and make for a handsome additon to your bar countertop.

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The flat and broad surface of serving trays make it stylishly simple to lay out finger foods such as Spanish tapas, vegetable crudites, dainty canapes and cocktail shrimps for your celebrations. They can likewise be used as dessert trays to display tartlets, cream puffs and small cake slices.

These lightweight serving trays can likewise be selected up easily if you want to deliver the hors d'oeuvres to your celebration guests with sophistication and sophistication.If you wish, you may line the trays with paper doilies for an additional style.

Serving trays can be found in all sizes and shapes. Round and rectangle-shaped designs are the most typical, but there are others that are formed like curved wedges and can be utilized to hold entire loaves of bread.

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Serving trays might include slotted or ring handles at the short sides to make it much easier to pick them up or lay them down.

This is especially helpful when serving large items on the trays such as whole fish or a ham. Their inner edges must be a little curved rather of sharp, so that they are easier to clean. Serving trays made from steel are dishwashing machine safe, so you can utilize and clean them with piece of mind.