Rob Asino

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Gaming Beginnings[edit]

What Made Him a Gamer[edit]

Before He is In Game Ako[edit]

Rob is a System Engineer in a private company and also an aspiring stock trader. Rob love video games then until he meet the guys from Game Ako and hence he started his carrier by appearing in numerous Game Ako Podcast episode until he become part of the team.

Game Ako Roles[edit]

Rob is currently the producer, host/co-host of the Game Ako Podcast and part-time streamer. Soon enough he will launch his own show together with JC, the Game Ako Lore or G.A.Lore.

Favorite Games[edit]

Rob's favorite games are Tenchu, Bloodborne, Dark Souls Series, Final Fantasy IX, Chrono Cross, Megaman X4 and X5 and many to mention.

Favorite Gaming Systems[edit]

Rob's favorite gaming systems are Playstation 1, Super Nintendo and PC.