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GAP or Game Ako Podcast is a segment of Game Ako where they talk about different topics specifically game related issues, news and discussions. GAP also invites guests to know what their insights on the discussion.


SEASON 1[edit]

Episode 1[edit]

The first podcast started Nov 2016 hosted by Jopes Gallardo, Vincent Sia and Jolo Mondonedo

About Collectors, The Mini NES and Mini Famicom Unboxing, Mr. GG

Episode 2: First Boss Fight: DLC's and Microtransaction[edit]

Episode 4[edit]

Episode 5[edit]

Top 5's of 2016, first batch of news of the year, and our plans for 2017

Episode 6[edit]

Episode 7[edit]

With special guest: Mr. H2BUPo, Sandrie Manzano

Episode 8[edit]

Square Enix, Dark Souls 3, Xbox Scorpio News & Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Episode 9[edit]

PS4 4.5 firmware update, Resident Evil Stats, Games gone Superbowl, and the 30th Anniversary of Final Fantasy.

Episode 10: Pre-recorded Podcast[edit]

Episode 11[edit]

Zelda game's DLC contents, Steam Greenlight, Hard mode in DLCs, and lots of Mr. GG.

Episode 12[edit]

Episode 13: Switch o' Clock[edit]

Episode 14[edit]

Nintendo's launch of the Switch, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as well as some news from Ubisoft, Ryzen.

Episode 15: Japanese Gaming[edit]

Episode 16[edit]

Episode 17: Go 4's[edit]

Episode 18: WTH? End of Console Generations?[edit]

Episode 19: RGCP Summer Event Special[edit]

Episode 20: Semi Anniversary Special[edit]

SEASON 2[edit]

Episode 21: Rise of a new AAA Horror Games[edit]

Episode 22: Rise of Digitally-Downloaded Gaming[edit]

Episode 23: Long Live the Playstation VIta![edit]

Episode 24: Tekken Takes It All![edit]

Episode 25: Pre E3 Special[edit]

Episode 26: Post E3 Hype![edit]

Episode 27: Outside E3 Conferences[edit]

Episode 28: Violence in Gaming[edit]

Episode 29: with PS4 Enthusiast PH[edit]

Episode 30: eSports Licensing[edit]

Episode 31: Newbie Guide to Gaming[edit]

Episode 32: History of Game Saves[edit]

Episode 33: The Pinoy Gamer- Louder than Pee Noise[edit]

Episode 34: Video Game Resuscitations Part 1[edit]

Episode 34: Video Game Resuscitations Part 2[edit]

Episode 35: Attack of the Fanboys![edit]

Episode 36: Games Indie Fray[edit]

Episode 37: CD Projekt Visionary? Or Looming Tyranny? Part 1[edit]

Episode 37 CD Projekt Visionary? Or Looming Tyranny?? Part 2[edit]

Episode 38: Stories in Games Accessory or Necessity?[edit]

Episode 39: Death os Single-Player Games[edit]

Episode 40: Gaming News[edit]

Episode 41[edit]

Episode 42: Should we Worry about Square Enix?[edit]

Episode 43: Will we be getting a Better Assasin's Creed?[edit]

Episode 44: The SEGA and MICROSOFT love affair[edit]

Episode 45: What is Nintendo's Direction?[edit]

Episode 46: Is the PS5 comming sooner than we thought?[edit]

Episode 47: Is this the GOD OF WAR we've all been waiting for?[edit]

Episode 48: What on earth is a BLIZZCON?[edit]

Episode 49: GOD OF WAR Spoiler-free Special[edit]

Episode 50[edit]

Episode 51: The Power of Pokemon[edit]

Episode 52: Guide to E3 2018[edit]

Episode 53: E3 MEGAPODCAST[edit]